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Dream the future | The Trendit’s 5th anniversary celebration ended successfully

The future is coming! On March 15, 2021,Trendit ushered in the 5th anniversary of the company's establishment. Standing on the dividing line of the previous and previous five years, Hu Wei, president of the company, led all the people present to look into the future together.

Five years have passed since its establishment in March 2016. For the future, Hu mentioned that talent is the core for the development of the company, and the culture of Trendit is partnership culture, that is, everyone's enterprise. "I hope we still have dreams in the future. No matter how far we go in the future, The spirit of sharing remains with us." Hu said: "Today is a mark on our way forward. I've always believed that we need to be in awe of starting a business, of a company, of what we're doing." "Times are moving fast and we need to work harder." In the following session, the company handed out 5 anniversary souvenirs to all employees. Among them, employees who have been working for 5 years will get the 5th anniversary commemorative medal made of 2G gold.

In addition to the carefully prepared anniversary souvenirs, a sumptuous afternoon tea was also served.

Trendit family gathered together to share the joy.

A group of people walking together can go a long way. Based on 2021, looking forward to a better future of Trendit Technology!

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