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The vision of Trendit to develop cloud printer is: let the world no difficult to do takeout business!

In March 2021, the P7 series - takeaway cloud printer developed and put into production by Shenzhen Trendit Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched!

Together with the cloud printer, we also research and develop supporting software of it - small shop owners aggregation takeout management software.

On June 20, 2021, the shopkeepers management software was comprehensively upgraded, and the upgraded product has more powerful functions, which further meets the demands of takeout merchants for centralized management of multiple platforms and multiple stores.

Trendit Takeaway solutions

The data show that the development of the takeout industry has already been a hundred billion level of the market.

As for the business side, under the trend of "Internet + catering", more and more catering businesses choose to enter the takeout platform, which also promotes the development of a series of industries serving the takeout industry.

Take-out order printers are one of them.

According to the terminal connection status, the current takeaway printer on the market can be divided into two categories: one is the traditional receipt printer that needs to be used with mobile phones or computers, and the other is the cloud printer with independent networking mechanism.

In the past two years, due to the disadvantages of traditional thermal printer, such as high single leakage rate, complex operation and inability to aggregate management, the market share of cloud printer has gradually increased.is the cloud printer with independent networking mechanism.

Comparison between cloud printer and traditional printer (miss order reason)

And in order to solve the current defect of the cloud printer industry -- the network operation is difficult, the server is unstable, 4G+WIFI version of the printer network can not switch, the supporting software is extremely backward, etc. In this year Trendit grand launched its hosted takeout solution: P7 cloud printer + store aggregation management software.

This is an intelligent takeaway solution that uses intelligent hardware + cloud platform to empower business owners.

In terms of hardware, P7 cloud printer is an intelligent cloud printer that serves the take-out industry. It does not need to be connected to mobile phones and computers, and it does not lose or miss orders. It can realize the automatic receiving of multi-platform and multi-store takeout orders and printing in seconds.

From the perspective of software, the store management software combined with the P7 cloud printer can realize the unified management and control of store data on platforms such as Meituan Takeout, Ele. me and Ele. 100 Retail, to help merchants operate intelligently.

The store management software has the best server solution in the industry, supporting one million concurrent orders in one second; it has the most convenient printer management function, and network distribution and setting are easily done; With the industry-leading aggregation takeout management mode, aggregation commodity management, Menu management, aggregation takeout order management allow even zero-based merchants to easily operate take-out operation.

The following is a brief introduction of software functions:

1、1. Full hosting of takeaway, multi-platform data aggregation management.

The store manager business management software is simple to operate and has comprehensive functions, it provides many functions based on the "aggregation" , mainly including commodity management, Menu management, order operation, viewing business data, and business reconciliation, etc..

Product management: managed the products of meituan Takeout, Ele. me and Ebai retail stores.

The "My Goods" module of the store manager support create/delete goods, modify commodity inventory in batches, upload local goods to the takeaway platform, synchronize goods from the takeaway platform to the local platform, synchronize goods from one platform to other platforms, etc.

Menu management: manage the products displayed on the shelves of Meituan Takeout, Ele. me and Ebai retail stores.

The "Menu Template" module of store manager support synchronize the menu of take-out platform to local, create menu template, modify commodity inventory in batches, upload menu to takeaway platform (the uploaded menu will be displayed on the takeaway client side), synchronize the menu of one platform to other platforms, etc.

For chain stores, the Store owner “My Goods/Menu Template” module also supports copying items/menus from one store to another.

Store owners can bind stores on multiple platforms and multiple stores on the same platform (for example, to bind 10 Meituan takeout stores at the same time), set up main stores and branches, and synchronize goods/menus from one platform and one store to other platforms and other stores, making multi-store management more convenient and efficient.

Order operation: the order page of the store owner supports viewing the aggregated order list -- it is clear at a glance that the order to be received, the order to be in progress, the order to be urged and the order to be returned; and supports manual order receiving, re-placing, processing customer order returning, and setting automatic order receiving.

Viewing business data: The "business data" section of the store owner supports checking the business data of Meituan Takeout, Ele. me and Ebai retail stores. Today's real-time data, historical data overview, order sales, repeat customer statistics, dish analysis and other dimensions of data analysis, so that the business take-out operation more convenient.

Business reconciliation: The store manager business management software supports aggregate reconciliation of the income of Meituan Takeout, Ele. me and Ebai retail stores, and printing statements. In the "business reconciliation" module of the shopkeeper, the merchants can see the income of a particular day intuitively.

Small store shopkeeper business management software with P7 cloud printer can achieve full hosting of take-out and help merchants manage multiple stores easily, to maximize efficiency and cost reduction.

2、2. Industry-initiated new networking process with 99.9% networking success rate.

In the software product revision on June 20 this year, Trendit launched the first small program network process in the industry and optimize the cloud printer WiFi networking process, greatly improve the success rate of the printer network and help merchants carefree network.

3.Independent switching of 4G and WIFI networking modes

In the "Print Setting" area of the store shopkeeper, users can set the printer to have priority WIFI connection or 4G connection. When one of the networks is in weak network mode, users can choose to switch to the mode with better network environment to receive orders more efficiently.

The above functions are to solve the defect of the current cloud printer industry, and it is reported that the intelligent hardware and software products in the Trendit take-out solution are still in constant iteration.

The business center from Trendit can quickly respond to the demand iteration. After the evaluation, the center can timely update the functions to meet the needs of end users.

Smart hardware + cloud platform double drive to help business operation,Trendit wants to do more. The next stage of Trendit will bring new idea for the takeaway printer industry, which is worth looking forward to.

"Let there be no difficult take-out business in the world", to be a loyal and reliable ally of merchants, Trendit is in action.

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