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Exploring New Horizons | Trendit's Debut at Seamless Africa Expo

Seamless Africa 2023, held in Johannesburg on September 19-20, 2023, concluded successfully. This event is acclaimed as one of Africa's most significant gatherings in the fields of payments, fintech, retail, and e-commerce. As a global leader in payment terminal manufacturing and solutions, Trendit made its inaugural appearance in South Africa and showcased its independently developed payment products at the exhibition. This includes flagship Android terminals and cloud IoT products, marking Trendit's proactive expansion of its financial payment terminal devices into countries in Southern Africa.

PART 1 Payment Terminal Products

The S680 series, part of our Android payment POS terminals, features a 6-inch large screen, resembling a full-screen Android smartphone. It provides merchants with a smooth payment operation experience, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. The powerful quad-core and financial-grade CPU ensure outstanding computing performance, guaranteeing swift payments and seamless switching between multiple applications. The dual-camera setup allows merchants to easily accept payments using QR codes from various e-wallets. These core features cater to the local digital payment demands in the South African market, gaining attention and recognition as a feature-rich and cost-effective flagship financial POS terminal.

The T3 series, a traditional Linux POS terminal, boasts a compact and portable design, making it easy to handle. With its rugged appearance and stable performance, it represents the next generation of highly cost-effective handheld wireless payment terminal devices. It also offers exceptional battery life, high-speed silent thermal printing, and supports various communication methods such as 4G, 2G, and WiFi. Configuration options include 2D barcode scanning, contactless payment, and support for magnetic cards, IC cards, NFC, and more.

The P3 series is an innovative cloud terminal product that combines hardware with MQTT solutions to meet international merchants' static QR code payment needs and features a cloud horn with multilingual voice broadcasting capabilities.

The P8 series is designed specifically for food delivery merchants, offering a cloud printer with aggregated catering SaaS value-added services.

PART 2 Exhibition Achievements

At this exhibition, the products showcased by Trendit piqued the interest of numerous local banking clients. Many clients were particularly interested in Trendit's achievements in the domestic market and its high-quality hardware products and industry-value-differentiated solutions. Software integration service providers from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Nigeria engaged in in-depth discussions with us about business models, especially concerning the sub-markets of Android smart POS and Linux system POS. Both sides showed great excitement. Some clients expressed strong interest in Trendit's TMS integration solution and the SaaS system of the cloud printer P8.

Trendit's intelligent Android terminal S680, traditional Linux terminal T3, cloud horn P3, and cloud printer P8 are capable of meeting a wide range of financial hardware product demands in various payment scenarios in South Africa. During the exhibition, Trendit's international market sales team actively discussed specific application scenarios and parameter requirements for payment terminals with numerous banks, distribution channel partners, and software integration service providers, gaining recognition and praise from potential customers on-site. Many banks and independent software developers requested samples and scheduled follow-up technical discussions, undoubtedly laying a solid foundation for Trendit's sales of payment terminals in the African region.

PART 3 A Successful Conclusion

Seamless Africa 2023 exhibition attracted professionals and leaders from the fintech sector worldwide, providing a unique platform for sharing insights, discussing trends, and building business connections. Trendit is confident in the South African business environment and believes it will achieve fruitful results here, relying on its successful experience in the domestic market, high-quality hardware products, and comprehensive industry solutions.

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