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The weakness of the traditional Printer

High cost of traditional printing equipment

Traditional printers with network port costs higher due to network configured by routers. Bluetooth/USB printers are highly dependent on mobile phones and computers, adding a lot of additional costs and expenses.

The limitation of the signal linkage of the take-away printer

A single signal, whether it is a single WIFI, a single 4G, or a single Bluetooth, is likely to cause the device to be disconnected,resulting in failure to print documents and missing orders.

Failure to renew the printing due to shortage of paper, power and network connection.

When the traditional printer encounters the common shortage of paper, power outage, and network disconnection, it can only manually reprint the order, which is troublesome and time-consuming.

The complex driver installation

The installation of the driver is limited by the operating system, the compatible operating system of the printer is limited, and the tedious installation is required after downloading the driver.

The advantages of cloud printer

Low cost, no missing orders,

Few links and almost no mistakes,

Real-time control of order status,

Do not rely on upstream software, cloud server, any further questions will be solved directly.


Integrating the various take-away platform to process the order, delivery and accounting summary by one-stop operation management for merchants. There are mini-programs/APPs to view real-time online data at anytime and anywhere, which will greatly reduce the operating manpower.

Order on Takeaway Platform

Cloud Printer Taking Orders

Delivery by External Platform

Business Operation Report

Order on Takeaway Platform

Server Architecture

Server Architecture

Reducing the rate of reason caused not by end-users.

The order receiving process is extremely shortened and each link is accurately processed through the software, which greatly reduces the probability of order problems, and the rate of reason caused not by end-users has dropped from an average of 8% to less than 2%.

Releasing the delivery staff

Extremely improve the processing efficiency of each order to save an average of 6 hours of workload per store and to release 1 person per store.

Improving the efficiency of taking orders.

Software automatic response is used to replace human processing. Software interface trigger is used to replace a lot of work such as human judgment to improve the efficiency by 60%

Platform scores

The average score of online stores jumped 0.5 points

Zero full- loading in the peak periods

The improvement of operating efficiency has made the short-term withholding to collect orders during peak periods gone. It is no longer necessary to invest in manual work for takeaway orders in the noon peak period.

Increasing the order volumes.

After the rapid improvement of efficiency in each link when the phenomenon of withholding the operation during the previous peak period was eliminated, the average order of stores could be increased by 400 orders/month.

Improving the management efficiency

Commodity management of chain stores has been accelerated from each store/1 day to 0.5 days in the past . It only takes 1 hour to synchronize all stores now.

Limitation of order taking

The software's powerful order-taking capabilities, efficient processing capabilities and reliable server groups are beneficial to merchants, which means the average order-taking limit for each store has increased by three times from 500 to 1500 orders.

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